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See who Jack Daly has influenced and view their testimonials on how his educational sales workshops have worked for them.

“You have clearly had a profound impact on me mate and (have) impacted on both my professional and personal life. On the business at Food Spectrum, we are off the charts delivering unbelievable results. If things go to plans in 2011/12, we will have near doubled the revenue to $65 million and increase profitability to better then 12% of sales. Three years ago we were working hard to deliver 3% return to sales with revenue at $35 million.”

Mark Betts, CEO
Food Spectrum

“Our conversion rate went through the roof after seeing you. We went from around $900 million funds under management at the time to $3.2 billion today and that occurred in the aftermath of the great financial crisis when many of our competitors were struggling. I feel a sincere thank you is in order for all that you have done to help us.”

Tim Samway, CEO, Hyperion Asset Management Limited

“Before we began working with you we lacked a coherent sales and marketing system to capture leads and convert them to clients. Since that time we have implemented a new CRM system, completely overhauled our website, identified our core prospects, and successfully increased our sales by over 50%. Since we began working with you we have far surpassed the original goals that we set from day one as a direct result of the collaboration between your team and ours. You have helped us focus on the most important aspects of our business which has allowed us to thrive during a period of turmoil for many of our peers. Thank you again for the superior communication, service, and coaching that has moved Fabian Wealth Strategies to the next level.”

David Fabian, CEO
Hyperion Asset Management
Fabian Wealth Strategies


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