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Sales Manager Forum

Sales Manager Forum

Our Sales Manager Forum is the answer to the question, “Is there an organization where Sales Managers can group together with their peers for ongoing high level learning, opportunity and challenges processing, and an outside mechanism for enhanced accountability?”

Many call it “the power of a mastermind group.” Like-minded people, in roles similar to each other, leveraging the knowledge and experience of each other in efficiently raising the level of their performance in their role.

Our Sales Manager Forum, is the vehicle to be used by those in charge of the sales teams in their companies. The small group environment, meeting together on a regular basis, and guided by a group facilitator, will help each participant wrestle down the various opportunities and challenges they are confronted with throughout the year. The “Three C’s” will be in play:

  • Commitment – The members will meet on a consistent basis so as to remain current with each other’s businesses, thereby providing the best of directional advice to each other.
  • Confidentiality – Unlike meeting with a group of peers in your industry, the Sales Manager Group’s commonality is the role played by the Members (Sales Leaders in charge of growing their sales teams in quantity and quality). As such, no fear of competitors taking the intellectual product of the members and utilizing it in their businesses. Here we see a true openness, enlisting the best thinking of each member, applied to the member’s challenges/opportunities
  • Caring – The role of the Sales Manager is indeed a tough one. Often, the incumbent has little to no formal training in the role. As well, few places to turn to get up to speed. Here, in the Sales Manager Forum, each member is here for the same purpose—to learn from other’s experience in the role. The intent is to conduct oneself in a “tough love” fashion: care enough about each member to “shoot them straight,” even if hearing the message is not easy but needed to hear. We will care enough about our fellow members that we will risk some nicks in a friendship for the betterment of the member. In time, the nicks will be repaired and the member’s business will be enhance.

Here’s the overview of the Forum membership benefits:

  • Group facilitation resources
  • Peer group interactions year-round
  • Ongoing direct email access year-round
  • Monthly group one-hour phone check-in with key opportunity/challenges
  • Complimentary Hyper Sales Group Membership Club

2019 Meeting Schedule

Orange County, CA

Aug. 22 – 23

Nov. 29 – 30

San Diego, CA

Jul. 12 – 13

Oct. 18 – 19

Philadelphia, PA

Feb. 20 – 21

Jun. 20 – 21

Oct. 11 – 12

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Mar. 6 – 7

July 10 – 11

Nov. 1 – 2

Admission via application/qualification. To inquire, contact or call 888-298-6868. The time to act is now. Be prepared to take your Sales Management skills to the next level, and enjoy the benefits of Hyper Growth of your top and bottom lines.

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Sales Manager Forum Testimonials

Steve Kirstiuk, VP, USA Advantage Parts Solutions

David St. James – O2Ebrands/1800-GOT-JUNK

Nick Restrepo, VP of Sales, World Emblem

Kevin Roche, VP of Sales, Porter Pipe & Supply

Francis Chartrand – Deville Technologies

“Having the opportunity to be in a Forum of sales managers from different industries who have the same challenges as I do is priceless. We spent the past two days learning new strategies from one another based on real world experience and I already have need based solutions to implement in my company.”

Nick Restrepo
World Emblem

“Having the opportunity to spend time with other sales managers who are as passionate about their companies is a privilege. Learning from their successes and failures has been so beneficial . I look forward to creating long lasting relationships with the members which will help my success as a sales manager for a long time to come.”

Kevin Roche
Porter Pipe and Supply

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