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Bestseller Book Bonanza


Paper Napkin Wisdom

Not only is each leadership tool and story in Paper Napkin Wisdom expressed so simply it fits on a paper napkin but it also came to us from one of the world’s top Entrepreneurs , Leaders, and Difference Makers.

Hyper Sales Growth

An entrepreneur and sales coach, Daly writes that there are three critical areas to building a successful sales team: A Winning Culture; Sales Management and Sales.

The Sales Playbook

The best sales performers have “best practices”. The sensible approach is to model the masters and incorporate their winning systems into a Sales Playbook. The, coach and practice to the playbook.  SHIPS WITH FIRST PRINTING                 

Mix or match quantities & determine the price by the total quantity!
– 3 books = $50.00 + shipping
– 100+ books = $15.00 each + shipping
– 200+ books = $13.50 each + shipping
– 300+ books = $10.00 each + shipping

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