Vancouver Management Summit - Toronto February 14, 2019 | Jack Daly

Vancouver Management Summit – Toronto February 14, 2019


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A Sales Managers job is not to grow sales, it’s to grow sales people, in quantity and quality. After heading up six startups and two turnarounds, with sales forces numbering in the thousands, Jack Daly speaks from experience. Key to the growing of a company’s revenues are two foundations: 1) The concept of leverage, whereby we can generate more business with less work and 2) Systems & processes, built on a foundation of what’s been proven to work in the marketplace by top performers (best practices). Think of it in the context of Recruiting, Training, Practice, Systems of Measurement and game day Preparation. There are three components of a strong training program for salespeople. The first is “hands-on coaching.” The second is “role practice.” The third we’ll call “The Success Guide.”

This highly interactive session is designed for the Sales Leadership, with a desired result of increase Sales & Profits. First and foremost is to create a winning culture, where the employee actually look forward to coming to works, as opposed to “having to go to work”. Those businesses which create such an environment, enjoy a competitive, sustainable advantage. Leveraging such a culture, next comes proven systems and processes for sales success. For most businesses, the key to growing sales is to grow your sales force in quantity and quality. This comprises recruiting, coaching and training the sales force. Included here are specific and proven sales processes which when consistently applied, ensure sales success. Participants will leave this session with specific actions which can be implemented immediately.  SIGN UP NOW!


  • Recruiting and landing top producers
  • Checklists for both the Sales Manager and the Sales Professional
  • Aligning the Sales Team to the overall business vision
  • Specific training, coaching and practice methods, resulting in enhanced selling skills
  • Proven processes for the Sales professional in the areas of goals and key activities, proactive pipeline management, and differentiation from the competition.


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